Simple, reliable & powerful api

We provide high secure and user friendly API to enhance your capability to reach large number of potential clients.


APIs are used to send automated massages from Website or Applications. After integrating API into your system you can send offers, updates, manage contacts and lots of more. We provide simple SMS coding in all modern languages as per your recommendation.

Easy to integrate

Our APIs are very user friendly and hassle free so that you easily integrate them to your necessary platforms.

Automated SMS sending

With our API integration send automated OTPs, alert massages and other text massages instantly through your integrated system.

Send SMS through our API

We provide both API routes for sending SMS (Promotional and Transactional). Both API routes are in single and multiple massages option. That means as per your requirements you can easily choose your API.


Fast and Easy

We know how important APIs are for some businesses so we are committed to give you the fast and easy API integration experience you ever have. This is not only about sending SMS, OTPs; it’s beyond of it. You can schedule your massages, can send group massages, and can send massages in multi language by our SMS API. There are so many lots of exciting features inside and to check it out just login or signup.